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Drytex - Dry Cleaning Cloth Roll

High-Performance Spunlace Polyester/Cellulose Blend

Provides excellent functionality with:

  • Durable Run Strength
  • Quick and Efficient Ink Pick Up
  • Effective Paper Lint Cleaning
Non-linting, exceptionally clean, and has the built-in strength of spunlace technology, making it extra-durable. Handles the toughest cleaning challenges because the fibers are so strong and resistant to wear and tear that they maintain exceptional strength, even when wet. They won’t fall apart when used with MEK1, isopropyl alcohol, solvents and other cleaning agents. A very cost-effective cleaning choice.
Excellent absorption of:
Light and Heavy Ink Coverage Paper Dust

Low Solvent Usage Grades:

Blanket Cloth
  • Drytex Economy
  • Drytex Aqua- Multi-Purpose Applications
Back Cylinder Cloth
  • Drytex BC

Rolls for Heidelberg,Komori,KBA Mitsubishi-Ryobi,and more

Lightex "Super Clean" Pre-Moistened

Our sheetfed and heatset solvent impregnated wash cloths are manufactured in the USA using ultra high performance low VOC solvent.

Exclusive impregnation process insures:

  • Uniform solvent – Side to side, start to finish
  • No Lint, leaves blanket super clean
  • Uniform removal of light and heavy ink loads
  • Quick cleaning of tough multiform jobs
  • Ease of use
  • Economically priced

Durable leakproof packaging

  • Leakproof vacuum sealed
  • Multi-layer composite film
  • Secure and durable
  • Protects contents
  • Solvent remains uniform
  • Ensures quality upon use

Quality Blanket Cleaning Cloth

Drytex Dry and Lithtex Pre-Moistened

  • High Quality, Durable High Performance Material
  • Innovative and Patented Manufacturing Processes (Wet or Dry = Dependable, Consistent Performance)
  • State of the Art Solvent Impregnation System (Uniform Solvent Application, Consistent Cleaning Performance)
  • Vacuum Sealed Pre-Moistened Rolls (Prevents Leakage, Solvent Protected)

Rolls for every press:

Sheetfed and Web

  • Heidelberg
  • KBA
  • Komori
  • Mitsubishi
  • Ryobi
  • Sakurai
  • PressTek
  • Akiyama
Stack of old chemical barrels. Blue, black and red oil drum. Steel and plastic oil tank. Toxic waste
Feeling a paper into the printing machine

Plate SCP

An all purpose product that combine scratch removal, plate clean up and plate protection overnight on the press or for extended storage.

Plate SCP is a non-alkaline plate cleaner that can be used on CTP plates as well as non CTP Plates.

PLATE SCP contains an abundant amount of pure gum Arabic to insure better plate runs.


Scratch Removal:

Apply PLATE SCP to affected area. Buff with a clean soft cloth or cotton wipe and wash with fountain solution.

Plate Cleaning:

Saturate a soft cloth or cotton wipe with PLATE SCP, clean all ink from the plate, wash with fountain solution and continue press run.

Plate Storage:

Remove ink from plate with PLATE SCP as noted above, wash with water and dry. The, apply a liberal coating of PLATE SCP to the entire surface of the plate with a soft cloth or cotton wipe and BUFF DRY-DO NOT FAN!


Flashpoint: Greater then 200f
VOC: 16.8%
Appearance: Milky Tan
Odor: Light Petroleum Distillate

HMIS Rating

Health: 1, Fire: 0, Reactivity: 0


Quarts, Gallons, 5 Gallon Pails

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